We put the imaginary into form.

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Bringing magic to the world.

We are a crew of software engineers, 3D artists, animators and character designers passionate about bringing magic to the world. We are creating the next generation of the web, games and animations.

This is not our first time at it.

Snoop Dogg x Vincent Faudaumer

This art collaboration between Snoop Dogg and Vincent Faudaumer gives exclusive rights to NFT holders, like access to private Snoop Dogg events and exclusive content.

Tales from the Wild

Tales from the Wild invites you to discover the Welders, a mysterious and powerful guild able to contact the Spirits of the Wild and share their powers. A transmedia original license to play, read, listen and watch.

Ultimate Chaselabs

The story takes place in the future. People have resorted to HiVR (Hyper-immersive Virtual Reality) to escape the reality of their world. Some have resorted to fighting in highly mediatised arena events.
But the stakes are high.


Hellä is a virtual stylist and social-media influencer. She has the ambition of becoming the metaverse's biggest influencer. She works with high-end luxury brand and at the moment she's particularly active on TikTok.


Eterna is a supernatural force from elsewhere. It has no gender and does not belong to any species. It has the ability to transform into anyone.

We know the market inside-out so you don't have to.

  • Create your collectibles or Web 3.0 project
  • Develop the next version of your platform
  • Build at the intersection of art and software

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